Banjos and 808s

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Banjos and 808s

i like  blue jeans and high heels
champagne and cheap thrills
i like the top down when it might rain
like a slow ride on a fast train

i wear pink boots with a red dress and
some say i’m a big mess
got my own style and my own groove
i am what i am and you know thats true

you cant put a label on me
cuz i climb my own tree
gonna be who i will be
my spirit it runs free

i like banjos and 808s
ketchup on my new york steak
i wear  raybans on a midnight drive
i sleep all day from 9 to 5
i like whiskey in my 7up
i wear short skirts when i drive my truck
i like johnny cash and a disco beat
while dancing round in my bare feet

i like banjos and 808s

i like caviar and hot dogs

i date bankers and outlaws
i like to cool down on a summer day
with a water hose and a lemonade

when everybodys quiet i’m talking out loud
i’m not afraid of standing out in the crowd