We Make A Life

Title: We Make A Life
Writers: (Michael McGregor / Ron Boustead)
Publishers: (Songsite.com bmi / Artrock Music bmi)
Artist: Blue Confession
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Copyright Controlled: 100%
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I threw a rope into the dark
You were alone and lost at sea
I reached across and pulled you out
But in the end you rescued me
And so we begin to learn
To keep the faith
Whatever the world throws our way

We make a life
From day to day
We make it up along the way
We make this life
From frame to frame
And when we’re lost we find a way

The dealer deals, we play the hand
We carry on when life gets hard
Sometimes we’re bold
Sometimes we fold
Sometimes we pray for better cards
No matter what madness comes
I see your smile
And I know we’ll get through it somehow

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